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Love your music, when are you performing back in Tacoma? Would love to come out and see you.
Wow! I recently learned that you will be coming to Tacoma. It nice to see that you passsion has been successful. I remember when you and the guys used to sit around and jam.
Caught you at the Blk Diamond Bakery last night. WOW- wonderful time. I enjoyed how interactive you are with the audience. Look forward to see you somewhere soon. Keep that calendar updated!!!
Ghost from the 70's be well in our music chris
Hey Pal! love the website. please keep me posted on your local Jazz events. Have to check you out.
Enjoyed your music this evening!
Saw you guys at Bad Alberts in Ballard and you totally slayed!! Loved your set, keep jamming!
Absolutey love your music! Very excited to start on your FanPage!!
I wish you much success for the rest of the year and the year to come. If I can help you in any way don't hesitate to call. Our new number in Bellevue is 425-256-3022.
Hey Ed. Great to meet you at the Wellton (Arizona) Jazz Venue this weekend. Loved listening to the smooth jazz and the occasional solos by the talented guys backing you up. Looking forward to your next performance in the desert-southwest. All the best. Doug (the Census guy ;-)
Nice website! I especially like that your tunes are playing thoughout as a thick, happy background. One cannot help but be lifted by your tunes. Familiar yet different!..Nice!! Mike
Hello, Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively. Pett
I didn't know that Shenanigan's had music again! wow... when and where will you be playing next? Sorry to have missed you at the bay:( Hope to catch you soon.
i heard you July 4th and was so impressed. please let me know where you playing next. My friends and i would love to see you perform again.:-)
ed so great to hear your music and read your story!!! look forward to playing on the 10th. love your sound!!!
Wow. I didn't know we had such talent in our congregation! Will have to see/hear you play sometime. The extent of MY musical talent is that I HAVE HEARD OF Jazzbones...ha ha.
Just saying hello to you all .. Still a bit confused about the goings on here, but I guess I'll keep poking around.
Heard you at jazzbones last night, and would like to find out where else you are performing
i love this site :)
Luv you Man!! Noreen and I will come and see your show tonight, keep the faith, Your Best Man
HI ED. Just checking out your site, Note some of the funky comments down below, you might want to censor. Did you know the cruise for April is still showing as ON??
Ed, it's me Len the Comcast guitar player. Let me know when you're playing around the Seattle area, love to come and hear you play. Keep the love and the passion, Len Gurule Len Gurule
please update your calendar,where are you playing in Decembe/January? great show at Emerald Queen.
Yo Mon....would like to communicate with you on a personal level now, because I'm now housebound with a terminal disease and living in Colorado. I remember the bands we used to play in when I was playing B-3. Best wishes and play "Back Behind the Rainbow" for me.....Mykel
Hey Ed get a hold of me if you would. I am now living in Colorado Springs, Colorado www.myspace.com/mykelspatz 719 253 3351 cell
It was nice meeting you today at the Shell station in Tacoma. My son and I were very impressed. I like your music! Duane
hi ed and the band i miss coming to hear you i am now living in alabama in the town of somerville one of my friends is opening up a restaurant and will be haveing karaoke i amn still in the seldom work territory and am doing good spiritually so i wont get to hear your band and you but as soon as i can afford it i will be buying your new cd i still listen to taylormade and keep it in my car and tell the brothers and sisters about you and the band thanks for keping in touch agape your sister in the faith betty also say hi to your wife and girls
Thanks for the call. Would be glad to work together any time! Very Cool. Brett
Thanks for the phone call. Hope to see you at Burton's benefit. Peace
Hey Ed, it was nice talking to you at the convention. I met you through Ron Brower. Anyways We will check your calendar regularly and see you soon.
good site. Continue also
Ed, it was really nice to visit with you today. We send our love. Greg & Susan
I saw you @ IKEA in March - You play such nice music!
We saw you at IKEA last night and enjoyed your music. It was great to have the guest horn player and bass man sit-in on your session. Have a great trip back east!
Hello Mr.Taylor. I just want to reiterate that it was an honor playing with you yesterday night at Jazzbones. If you don't remember me I was the younger guy with the hat. Thank you for your music and your contribution to jazz/funk/blues music. -Nick-
My wife and I got maximum enjoyment from your music 1/26/2008 at Stadium Bistro. I will now be looking to hear you play whenever I can and also collect your CD's. Thanks for the fantastic music and your pleasing personality.
Mr. Taylor, It was a pleasure to see you play at Jazzbones-Tacoma, WA Saturday 01/12/08 @ the 7:00am showing. Your spirit and energy really shines through on stage! I was celebrating my 35th birthday that day and at the end of the evening when leaving you personally came up to me and my fiancée to chat for a while. I was the Korean lady whom you thought looked similar to your Japanese friend. Thank you for an extraordinary night of fun entertainment and the personal chat and hug from you made the evening even more memorable. Keep the inspirational music alive!
Great show at Jazzbones tonight!
I heard some of your clips!!! i love your music!!!!
I would like to see if you and your band will perform for a small group on a Sunday afternoon in the near future?
were the ones you saw at K & G!!
When will you come to Texas??? Houston, Dallas or Austin
What a pleasant surprise to see you tonight. Just one reminder of how much talent is all around even when you least expect it. It is unfortunate that there were not many more people clapping for you. Thank you for helping me take my mind off a debilitating back injury. kind regards from the long-haired teacher who spoke with you after your set.
You owe us 5 more minutes....
Thanks for the show tonight, see you at Jazz Bones.
hello my brother,
Hi- My husband & I came into Engine#9 for the first time last night. We were pleasantly surprised by your music! My husband is a trumpet player, and was in a band for many years. I know how little bands get paid, so I wanted to put something in the tip jar. That's when you offered me your CD. Thank you, not just for the music, but for including your thanks to God in the CD. Do you play anywhere my husband and I can dance? Blessings, Nancy
I'm the brother that works at the Tacoma Mall Lens Crafters. I check you out, sounds nice i'm pick up a copy of the cd at the kiosk in the mall.
This seems interesting, when is your next gig?
thanks for the invatation to the Bar BQ but because of the distance will not be able to make it but have a great time ....also send us some of your music KIDE Hoopa Tribal Radio P.O. Box 1220 Hoopa Ca 95546 530-625-4245
great show at yhe oscar thanks for letting me try to meet up to your expectations i will try to learn all of the upbeat songs that you play ron and noreen was really nice to bring me along thanks for a wonderful evening agape betty
Hey Ed! It's the girl from GNC. I love your site! And you are very talented too! Two songs that I really liked and caught my attention were "Seven Inch Drop" and "Enough for Two." I'll have to listen to some more when I get the chance!! Great work!
Ed.. Jay's Mom and glad he heard from you again..we have never forgotten you ...you are looking good.. Barb (Mom)
Thanks Ed, glad to know we,ve got a natural resource like you in the area,lookin to jam some 5-string elec violin sometime soon. Live to play Live, J.W.
We heard you tonight at 9Engine House and you and your jazz bands are super duper! Let me know when and where you're playing next in the area. Great music and fun wonderful band!! Patty*
AMAZING!!!! Your show last night was very refreshing. Cant wait to work with you guys. Tonya ECMT
Ed: Nice site. Let me know if you need keys for any gigs. Jimco
Great to meet you last night. I like your clips on you site. Done well. Keep in touch. Grant Hewitt
Your calendar says you are playing tonight at DjembeSOUL at 8pm, but after calling them they said you played the night before from 8-midnight.
Ed: I didn't know all of this about you..I'd be delighted to work with you sometime, you know where you can reach me... Continue to stay humble and always count your blessings. Great site! Wendy.
Ed, I don't see your email listed on your website, so I'm sending this tidbit. I've added info about you to our Tacoma Business Directory: http://businessdirectories.tripod.com/Tacoma.html#Entertainment. I hope it brings you more fans. I might see you New Year's Eve. Don
Nice site and I love the music clips for easy sampling! I'm glad I ran into you again after all these years. Don
::whoa:: i never would have imagined that you were and still are such a hit with the music you play!!.. im very impressed, by the by.. that is a dashing picture of you ^^.. you must tell me the next time you play so i can check it out.. im sorry i didnt have time to check out the latest one you were in.. this is diana shockley from Kataluma chai.. your site is great, keep up the great work!!!.. see you around the mall ED!.. byebye
Ed, I finally had a chance to check it out. Nice site! I will listen to more when I grab one of your CD's
i have his previous cd "good is good" and i like that one, but this one is even better!
I love the sample music. You are now linked to ArtworkByKeenan.com
I didn't realize I was talking to a legend

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