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Watch out for that bus, Ed!!"Aside from being the absolute nicest person you'd ever want to meet, Ed Taylor is one of the most experienced and talented guitar players around. You can reel off his accomplishments - Motown session guitarist, opening act for Bachman Turner Overdrive, played more clubs than he can remember since the 60's - but what really gets you about Taylor is a little more basic. For one, the guy smiles all the time - especially when he wrangles amazing licks from his electric guitar. He's humble - even though he could smoke your butt with rootsy jazz-blues notes: he keeps it balanced and in perfect step with the songs. And his voice ... what an honest, open, blue-collar voice - smooth as velvet, with just a hint of Stevie Wonder. The way Taylor wraps his voice around a song, you feel like somebody ought to turn off the lights." -- The Weekly Volcano. Local Guitarist, Ed Taylor is eager to share his love of music with as many people as possible, from visiting local classrooms to a possible new series at a museum. Taylor grew up in the Los Angeles area, where he started playing guitar at 13. Early influences included George Benson, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. "At the time I didn't know squat about playing guitar, but I could feel it." he said. As the Beatles songwriting evolved from simple pop to more complicated material, Taylor's playing became more technical. In early 1970's he moved to the Tacoma area, where he attended both Tacoma Community College (TCC) and University of Washington. At TCC he learned to read music: prior to that he learned by ear. After College he went back to L.A. where he was a session player for an independent producer for Motown records. --The Tacoma Weekly. NWJP: Were you always playing Jazz? Are you a jazz guitarist exclusively? ET: No. I start out playing funk and soul music and was influenced by people like George Benson & Chett Atkins. I play mostly jazz guitar now, but to play music in those days, you had to play funk or be in a bib band in order to tour. At one time I was playin' with some local cats in the Seattle area. We were doing an audition at a place called Fresh Air in Seattle. Steve Kupka of Tower of Power, came in and we got the job because he was so excited about us as a group. After that meeting, he took us all up to Kay Smith's recording studio in Seattle and introduced us around. They were impressed and we got the chance to some session work behind that. -- Northwest Jazz Profile

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